Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guest Blogger: Herald the Dog

Hello Blog-fans,
My name is Herald, and I'm a dog. Not just any dog--I'm a famous zoo dog. Over a year ago I started working with the kind keepers at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater in Tacoma, Washington who hired me to help them with their program.

So far, I've been doing a great job; the zookeepers are really learning a lot. I spend my days training the them to make funny noises, to feed me peanut butter and string cheese, and to act as the cast and crew for my live animals program.

This show is a BIG deal. At least five well-trained humans need to be present or I won't even attempt it, which is why we only do the whole program in the busy season here at the zoo.

During the program I go rafting,

and I take a hot air balloon ride.
Oh, and there are some other animals in the show, too, just to entertain the fans during my costume changes.

Check out the latest behavior I've taught the keepers here. These humans are pretty amazing, aren't they?

At night I send the trainers home to recuperate for the next day's sessions while I keep an eye on the Wild Wonders building and all of the other animals. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say a lot of them are bird-brained, and they really need looking after. Plus, there's that sneaky lynx who lives down the hall...I know he's up to something...

Life wasn't always all warm laps and Snausages though. I don't like to elaborate on my experiences before Wild Wonders, but I spent some long nights on the streets, on the run from the dog-catchers, begging for kibble. That's right: I'm a pound puppy. I'm not ashamed about my lack of pedigree. Even in the hard times, I knew I was destined for greatness.

Here's the real heart of the matter, Blog-fans. Just think what might have become of me--ME, Herald the celebrated conservation hero and all-around Wonder Dog--if some wise humans hadn't picked me to bring into their lives. I won't get all mushy about it because I'm not that kind of dog. But if you're thinking of adding a new friend to your family, visit your local shelter or humane society.

Give mutts a chance.


  1. Harold, you are impressive! I'll have to come see your performance!

    I am a happy donor to the Humane Society and so is my whole family! My fur-nephew, Chopper, came from the Humane Society and is one of my favorite dogs ever. In about a month, I'll be attending the Seattle Humane Society's annual gala/auction, Tuxes and Tails, with my family! Thanks for sharing your story, Harold :-)

  2. Yay! Herald, Chopper and pound puppies everywhere thank you :) Tuxes and Tails sounds like a very fun event!

  3. Thanks for posting Herald. Good to hear of your success. We miss you here at MakeGr8Pets. Your a role model to us all (or should I say roll-over model).

  4. I love Herald! He is so cute!! Adopting is the BEST way to go!