Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Keeper Quotes

Here are a few quotes I've gathered this week at work. If you're in the zoo business, these comments might be commonplace; if not, you'll appreciate the unusual (to other people) circumstances we encounter daily.

"Will you be at a point where you can stop cutting up bodies soon?"

"This poop is so sloppy, I don't even want to pick it up!" (This is amusing to me because it illustrates that the speaker would otherwise be glad to pick up feces.)

"Claaaarrrrkkk! AAAAAAGH!" Shrieked by one of the green-wing macaws. Clark is the name of our king vulture.

"Hooray, the iguana pooped!"

"Let us know if the aardvark tries to eviscerate you."

"I thought that porcupine was never going to leave!"

"I saw millipede sex this morning."

And, for your viewing pleasure, here is a tawny frogmouth enjoying a misting shower from a squirt bottle:

Not exactly action-packed, I know. I'll try to film something more riveting, but it's difficult since I am rarely carrying my camera when the exciting parts of the day are happening.

I did have time (plenty of it) to take a photo of this radiated tortoise having a salad:

Note that this tortoise, Jumbo Jet, was making some important phone calls before he took his lunch break. He has to use the phone book instead of dexknows because....his internet connection is too slow!

Jumbo Jet is a trained tortoise--we don't know of any other trained tortoises, so we think he's one-of-a-kind! I will attempt to film a training session to showcase his abilities soon.

If you have any quotes to add, post them in the comments!

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