Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest Blogger: Cute Animals in the Snow!

 Greetings Blogfans! Herald the Dog here, once again, to give you a quick update on life at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater here at the Point Defiance Zoo.

During the winter months we zoo animal-stars have a hiatus from the rigorous training and program schedule of the spring and summer seasons.  With the colder weather there's been a lot of eating
Tilli the aardvark with yogurt on her nose.

And a lot of napping
Mango the kinkajou, disturbed from slumber.
But it's not all rest and relaxation around here. I need to go on at least four walks a day! I see all kinds of interesting things, from polar bears taking a dip in their pool to tigers lounging on their heated rock. This was one of the most rare and elusive sightings:

A "snow" leopard! Zookeepers are hilarious, aren't they?

Some animals are better suited to this snowfall than others. Native northwest animals like Buckley the beaver

Cactus Jack the porcupine
and arctic animals like Mariah the gyrfalcon

While most of my tropical counterparts like to spend their days indoors on these snowy days, curiosity still got the better of some, like Sushi the fishing cat from southeast Asia.

I'd better head inside to my cozy bed before my tail freezes! On behalf of all the critters here at the theater in Tacoma, thanks for checking in with us and come back to see us soon!

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