Friday, May 25, 2012

Left Behind: Inherited Items Discovered in Our New Home

Buying a home brings all kinds of emotions boiling to the surface--excitement, hope, terror... And of course, it brings an enormous amount of home improvement projects. But those things are boring unless it's your own house, so instead, for my first "First Home" post, I'm posting a photo journal. Not a photo journal of the house, per se, but rather of all the odd things bequeathed to us by the previous owners.

This is the front door, with a large, odd ship carving. (They had to leave the door though, so it probably doesn't count as part of the photo journal of "left behind" items.)

In the front yard we found this sturdy, handmade wooden rocking chair. I love it.

 We inherited a chicken coop (I think?), but no chickens,

a bird bath (full of dirt) with a stone squirrel, 

and a rather spacious pen with a rabbit hutch.

Our inherited decor includes this bird light switch,

and this Noah's Ark wind-chime.

This geode ashtray was tucked in a kitchen drawer and will probably get no use as an ashtray,

but we might use this sack of potatoes, also stashed in a kitchen cabinet.

 On the fridge we found a dry erase note board complete with someone's number, but more importantly, they left us the magnet with the contact information for a plumber... Did they know something we don't?

And in a drawer with a few photos of children and appliance manuals, we found an important reminder: Bring zucchini!

Lastly, we found this guy hiding under the deck.

What odd items have you inherited when you've moved into a new place?

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  1. I love that ashtray ! will give you $10 for it.