Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sloth and Tortoise in Action: Slowest Videos Ever

With over 1,000 school children on grounds some days, with all the new staff who need to be trained, and with exciting events like the arrival of clouded leopard cubs, Point Defiance Zoo can be a pretty hectic place in the busy season. Fortunately, there are animals at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater who just never rush.

First there's Siesta, the two-toed sloth. Despite all the action around her, Siesta is always in the mood for a relaxing nibble on some leafy greens.

Another animal who knows how to take things slow is Jumbo Jet the radiated tortoise. Mr. Jet is a veteran member of the cast for the zoo's show, but even experienced actors need to brush up on their performances. A "quick" training session for Jumbo will keep him sharp for showtime.

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