Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Things

So I've officially entered the world of blogging now that I've had a request from fellow blogger Seattle Stevie for a fun post. The idea is to post 7 interesting tid-bits about yourself and then pass the assignment to other bloggers whose 7 items you'd like to read.

Here goes!

1.) I can identify people by the sound of their keys jangling. If someone is approaching me at work, where many of us keep out keys on our belts, I can often identify the coworker before I turn around to see her. Is this common?

2.)When I get stressed out, all of my clothes feel wrong. When I am running late for an appointment, forgot to put the laundry in the dryer, need to buy an appetizer to take to a potluck and haven't written any freelance articles yet that day, suddenly my turtle-neck is choking me, my jeans are too short in the inseam and somehow nothing matches. Don't even ask what happens if I get stressed out before I get dressed in the morning.

3.)I like sleeping with the covers tucked in very tightly.

4.)Tortilla chips from the store (not from restaurants) taste salty to me, so I usually brush the salt off of them before I eat them.

5.)I'm really bad at identifying actors. In real life interactions, I'm excellent with names--sit me down in a book group of 15 people and I will know everyone's name by the end of the hour. But ask me to pick Geoffrey Rush or Annette Bening out of a crowd and I guarantee I could not.

6.)Sometimes people ask me what my favorite animal to work with at the zoo is and I always fumble for an answer. I love them all. But I think the raptors are getting to me. My favorite might have to be this Harris' hawk named Phoenix.

7.)Aside from the U.S. I have been to Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, England, Romania and Canada. There are so many more places to see!

So the other part of this post is that I am supposed to send the request along to other bloggers and ask them to post 7 things about themselves, but as it turns out, I don't know any other bloggers. BUT I still want to know things about everyone, so feel free to post about yourselves in the comments!

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