Monday, March 7, 2011

Comic Con 2011: Ramping up the Nerdiness

Having read very few comic books in my lifetime, I feel hugely under-qualified to review Emerald City Comic Con 2011. Not only is my DC/Marvel nerd knowledge lacking, but my photos don't do justice to the bizarre and amazing things I saw there. But I'll try.

Seattle's Comic Con exploded in the past few years; now it includes other pop culture and cult classic series, not just comics. It's not just for nerds anymore. Well okay, it's still just for nerds--but for a wide variety of nerds! And Seattleites are into it. People in costumes of every sci-fi and comic character you can think of (and a whole bunch you can't) wandered the Convention Hall.

We wore our nerdiest shirts; Jared got several compliments on his, which features a Star Wars joke within a Star Trek joke--ultimate nerdiness. Mine is just furtuistic profanity. Many of the best-dressed attendees were mobbed by people wanting to take their photos, but I was only brave enough to ask this nice gentleman in a Tom Baker Dr. Who outfit.

Even though The Shat--William Shatner himself--Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, James Marsters, and several other celebrities signed autographs and held photo sessions, the minimum charge was twenty bucks, so this is as close as I got to my Star Trek favorites:

We were in the same room as all the stars, but the crowds who paid for face-time blocked our view of everyone except, very distantly, Felicia Day from The Guild. Even so, this is the best picture I could capture zoomed in from across the room.

One of the best costumes we saw was a cross-dressing Wonder Woman, but I was too shy to ask him/her for a picture. Other highlights were about 15 Boba Fetts in a clone parade, a Weeping Angel from Dr. Who, a 4-year-old with mechanical Batman wings, and a Silver Surfer who had painted himself entirely in shiny silver body paint. But like I said, I didn't get good photos of these things, so here's an Incredible Hulk made from balloons:

I also would like to encourage everyone to jump on the band wagon and start paying attention to a group of filmmakers from the Tacoma area who call themselves Dead Gentlemen Productions. These local boys are hitting the movie/weblog scene with episodes of a hilarious show called JourneyQuest, which we were able to catch a glimpse of on the big screen at Comic Con. I'll have to post a more complete review of their material at a later time. I want to be in one of their movies. So. Much. I'd make a good elf.


  1. I am SO going next year. Let's all go! In costume!

  2. Yes! But what character to be? That is the question.

  3. $20 is a minuscule price to pay to get within molesting distance of T.J. Hooker and Number One. As slippery and über-nimble as you are, just think of everything you could have done to them before security got a hold of you!

    Also, "furtuistic."

  4. I didn't intend that comment to sound as dirty as it does.

  5. I most likely would have stared speechless like a moron.