Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Sunday was my last day for the season at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater, which means Herald, Jumbo Jet, and all of my other beloved critters will have to go six months without me. Our show season wrapped up wonderfully, and now the animals get to take a hiatus from their show schedule while the keepers write a new script for next season.

I have been so busy with my job search for the past month that I haven't made time to blog, and am now feeling slightly guilty about it. I obtained a position as a substitute teacher for a private school, but it only provides occasional work, and thus far I haven't had any luck getting tutoring or pet-sitting jobs through the websites I'm looking at. I would be delighted to get a job at a veterinary office, but, knowing I will be gone for six months again starting next March makes me an undesirable candidate, it seems.

However, the job hunt hasn't kept me completely occupied. I've also found time to visit the Puyallup Fair, finish reading several books, write a few articles for eHow, pick up trash along the highway with the zookeepers' association, have dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, do a little tutoring, watch Dancing with the Stars, and of course, sleep. Just a little though.

So the bottom line is that I'm mostly boring. But maybe I will find some time to review the books I've read and the restaurants I've eaten at lately to satisfy you blog-fans. Or maybe the bottom line is that I need a job and if you know of anyone who will hire me for anything I am remotely qualified to do, I am probably interested.

And don't worry, even though I am no longer working at the zoo, there will still be many gratuitous animal photos included in the blogs.

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